1. Download Install Image

This site is designed to work with the configuration script supplied on these images, or on a generic install that has used the bootstrap script:
You will need a 1GB SD card to install this image
This image has been built using the bootstrap script (below) based on he instructions at http://wiki.glidernet.org/wiki:raspberry-pi-installation and includes a distribution of Raspbian from http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/. It includes an auto-update script which is downloaded from the OGN Config server please see the note below for security details.

Updated December 21st, 2016.

A bootstrap script is included that will install required users and software. This is BETA software and has not been properly tested. To use install your Operating System of choice and then login and run the following commands. Requires your user to have sudo access or be root. Please contact me if you have any problems with installation

This is just to test Jessie and should not be used live yet!
wget https://ognconfig.onglide.com/files/v2.1/bootstrap -O bootstrap
chmod +x bootstrap

If you do not wish to use the online configuration then select 'No' when asked about that. Unless you want to make a minimal image you should also select 'No' when prompted about disk image creation. You should select 'Yes' for upgrading the operating system.

If you chose online configuration then the device should show up below once it has finished installing and you have rebooted it, this will allow you to quickly chose a location and will correctly set RF parameters for your region

This script installs the software using the instructions at http://wiki.glidernet.org/wiki:raspberry-pi-installation. The bootstrap will create a user called 'ogn' and will install the service to run from that user directory. It should not interfere with other software installed on the machine. It includes an auto-update script which is downloaded from the OGN Config server please see the note below for security details.

NOTE: The installation will also include the 'automatic update script'. This is a signed script downloaded from here that runs every night as root. The script is able to update any aspect of the device, though the purpose of it is to install the latest version of the OGN software. Updates to the script must be signed by a secret key that is not stored on my webserver and without this signature any updates will be ignored. This protects against man-in-the-middle attacks, corrupted downloads and web server compromise.
If you would rather not use the auto-updater please run sudo crontab -e and remove the update line.

2. Configure a OGN Receiver

If you are doing this configuration at a location different from the actual installation site please DO NOT enter location details online. As long as you don't do this the PI will continue to reboot to the setup program. This will ensure that a GSM scan is run for the correct antenna and location.

3. Manual/Command Line Configuration Helper

Click here to find the details you need to manually edit the configuration file! You can also use this page to help with editing the config file manually - it displays the values you need to configure for the site location at the bottom of the page under the map.

Change Log

Changes within a version (eg 1.3c or 1.3b) use the same image file. Image file 1.4a will be upgraded to the latest 1.4 version before starting the installation.
Integrating with the Open Glider Network

Thanks to Frank Schellenberg for providing the code to calculate the coordinates and elevation in the format required by the configuration file!